Massages in your wellness holiday in Obergurgl


Valuable natural massage oils, professional hands, harmonious ambience: Our massages from classic to extraordinary will whip every sportsman into shape.

Naturally healthy.

Everyday life’s strains and stress do not leave us untouched. The muscles tense and begin to hurt. Then it is about time to book a spa holiday in Obergurgl and a wonderfully pleasing massage!

Our masseurs have excellent qualifications and much experience; they know where it tweaks and which grips and moves can solve blocks. This is also a relief for our sporty guests many of whom swear by the combination of baths and massages after skiing or other activities.

Caresses for the soul

Even if your muscles sometimes do not really need it: A massage at the spa and wellness hotel in Obergurgl is also a blessing for the soul. Caring oils and lotions by Alpienne do not only radiate an irresistible and soothing scent. They also activate the circulation and the immune system, vitalise and have a positive effect on the mood.           

Alpienne Lotions

Can you already almost feel the relaxation? Then come here and confide in the pleasant hands of our spa team and enjoy a completely relaxing holiday with the right mixture of sports and relaxation at the Hotel Alpina deluxe****s in the midst of Obergurgl in Tyrol.

Full Body Massage

Classical massage is considered one of the best-known natural healing methods and, with its relaxing effect, helps to combat a wide range of complaints in a targeted manner. One-sided stress, lack of movement and incorrect posture lead to tension changes and restrictions of the musculature.

: 50 min. € 82.00

Partial Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage that helps to release deep tensions. It promotes blood circulation and improves mobility.

: 30 min. € 43.00

Combined Massage

A perfect combination of back massage and foot reflexology treatment. Tense back muscles are loosened, at the same time the entire organism is stimulated.

: 50 min. € 82.00

Sports Massage

This massage stretches muscles and fibers. At the same time it improves and rehabilitates injuries, stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation of muscles. Deep pain is reduced.

: 70 min. € 98.00

Foot Reflexology Massage

Reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing your body and mind. This massage relieves pain, removes toxins, balances energy levels and strengthens the immune system.

: 25 min. € 42.00
: 50 min. € 79.00

Lymphatic drainage

A pleasant, gentle massage technique that stimulates lymphatic circulation and this leads to intensive purification. The lymphatic system is the lifeline of the human body.

: 30 min. € 42.00
: 50 min. € 79.00

Hot Stone

Massage with hot stones fights stress and improves the quality of sleep. The blood circulation is stimulated and the tensions are loosened also the own energy sources are activated.

: 50 min. € 89.00

Aromatic Oil-Massage

A gentle full body massage with soothing oils that invites you to relax and let go.

: 50 min. € 79.00

Head & shoulders

A gentle massage of the head and shoulder muscles. This treatment relieves headaches.

: 25 min. € 42.00

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