Spa treatments in the Alpina Spa


Be pampered and groomed from head to toe: Special spa treatments will await you at the Hotel Alpina. The extensive offer leaves nothing to be desired and bestows a new body feeling on you.

Wellness for her and him

Five specially equipped rooms for beauty treatments, massages and baths at the Hotel Alpina deluxe****S offer spacious capacities for feelgood treatments. Now you can enjoy cosmetic and beauty offers for new treatments, baths and wraps 6 days a week! Even more comfort with even more service! We hope that you’ll feel very comfortable in our spa!

Single treatments will pamper you individually with sensual experiences after an eventful day in Obergurgl’s snow paradise. If you want to get pampered in twos simply book a couple treatment and enjoy everything twice as much. And those who seek a special retreat reserve our exclusive private spa for special moments – alone or with the dear partner.

Look forward to spa treatments of a special kind in your ski holidays in Obergurgl! Your holidays on the top of Tyrol in the Ötztal is already near – your non-binding holiday offer waits for you only a few clicks ahead.

Private Spa

For the first time, guests can now enjoy being pampered by our Beauty Team in a private spa area, either alone or as a couple.
Enjoy soothing baths with relaxing or stimulating additives, pampering massages and sparkling champagne!

Alpienne Classic

Biopir – in close touch with nature.

Your very personal and made to measure well-being treatment with regional, premium quality products only.

Afternoon: 60 min. € 75.00
Forenoon: 60 min. € 52.50

Alpienne - Power of the Alps

The incredibly rich heritage of alpine folk medicine coupled with a long tradition of phytology will fulfill all your needs. Pure relaxation and skin care at the highest level for all skin types - be it normal, dry, sensitive, blemished, mature skin or skin in need of regeneration. Every face treatment is chosen individually.

Forenoon: 80 min. € 73.50
Afternoon: 80 min. € 105.00

Alpienne Anti-Aging

An absolutely rejuvenating treatment thanks to high-grade Biopir elixirs combined with top-class nutrients ensuring a smooth and firm skin. Let us surprise you and join us on a journey to the world of rejuvenation.

Forenoon: 110 min. € 101.50
Afternoon: 110 min. € 145.00

Face Massage with Honey Oil

Close your eyes and absorb the scent of nice-smelling oils with all senses. Treat yourself to a soothing face massage with essential oils. It helps to relax and unwind, and loosens your facemuscles.
Additionally the lymphatic system is activated achieving a rosy complexion and refined skin lines.
Incl. cleansing, face massage, skin finishing.

Afternoon: 25 min. € 37.00
Morning: 25 min. € 25.90

Alpienne Shiny Eyes

Eye pads soaked in natural essences like germander speedwell and chamomile help to make your eye area shine brightly, having positive effects on the very first wrinkles. Fresh and radiant skin texture.

Very recommendable in combination with every face treatment!

Forenoon: 25 min. € 24.50
Afternoon: 25 min. € 35.00

Eyebrow shaping

Treatment: 15 min. € 12.00

Eyebrow tinting

Treatment: 10 min. € 12.00

Eyelash tinting

Treatment: 15 min. € 16.00

Manicure without nail polish

Forenoon: 40 min. € 23.10
Afternoon: 40 min. € 33.00

Manicure incl. nail polish

Hand bath, peeling, massage

Forenoon: 60 min. € 27.30
Afternoon: 60 min. € 39.00

Manicure incl. French nail polish

Hand bath, peeling, massage

Forenoon: 60 min. € 31.50
Afternoon: 60 min. € 45.00

Pedicure without nail polish

Foot bath, peeling, massage

Forenoon: 50 min. € 30.10
Afternoon: 50 min. € 43.00

Pedicure incl.laquer

Bain des pieds, peeling, massage

Forenoon: 60 min. € 34.30
Afternoon: 60 min. € 49.00

Pedicure incl. French nail polish

Foot bath, peeling, massage

Forenoon: 60 min. € 35.70
Afternoon: 60 min. € 51.00

Depilation - Legs up to the knee

Treatment: 20 min. € 31.00

Depilation - Full leg depilation

Treatment: 50 min. € 48.00

Depilation - Back or chest

Treatment: 25 min. € 32.00

Depilation - Bikini line

Treatment: 15 min. € 16.00

Depilation - Underarms

Treatment: 15 min. € 16.00

Depilation - Upper lip

Treatment: 10 min. € 11.00

Soap Foam Massage

The sea salt gently removes dead skin cells, whilst minerals tighten and regenerate the skin. A peeling with dead sea salt leads to improved blood circulation. This treatment is an aroma therapy at the same time! Revitalize both body and mind. Full-body peeling incl. dry-brush massage and nourishing lotion.

Forenoon: € 49.00
Afternoon: € 55.00

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