Two sauna areas at the Hotel Alpina deluxe****S


If hot and dry, agreeably warm or amidst steam clouds – a sauna session is an experience, not only for the body. Overheating the body not only stimulates the circulation and strengthens the immune system. Sweating also transports harmful substances out of the body and the warmth relaxes the muscles. During your sauna session and the following rest period the mind will become calm and clear and you will feed completely fit for new challenges.

Your wellness hotel in Obergurgl scores with two sauna worlds!

Beside the general naked sauna area for adults from 16 years there is also an additional textile sauna world in the spa and wellness hotel in Obergurgl, especially for our international guests, where swimsuits are allowed, also for children over 12 years.

Classic sauna area (naked sauna) in Obergurgl

Finnish sauna with colour light therapy

Sauning is based on the repeated alternation between heating the body (at 85-100 °C) and cooling it down again with cold water and cold air. It's a contrast bath of temporary heat and cold stimulus with the objective of strengthening the immune system: red, blue, yellow and green to stimulate body and soul. Red motivates and activates the activity of heart and lungs. Blue relaxes and calms the organism down. Yellow is suitable for meditation. It creates summerly feelings and helps to revitalize oneself and to calm one's nerves.


A visit to the sanarium has numerous positive effects on the entire body. For example, the heat promotes the mobility of muscles and joints, strengthens the immune system and has a relaxing effect on the lungs and bronchial tubes. In addition, the special climate in a sanarium lowers blood pressure and cares for the skin.

Parlour organic sauna

A softer sauna in comfortable parlour ambience. At a temperature between 50-60 °C and air humidity of about 40 % the body is heated slowly. Especially women prefer this kind of sauning. The inhalation of herbal essences has a relieving and invigorating effect.

Brine aroma steambath

The most pleasant way to care for your skin. The brine (saline solution) is mixed with steam and dispersed. Your body experiences an inner and outer bath in the sea at mild radiation heat of about 45 °C and wrapped in brine steam. It counteracts lots of skin diseases and is good for the respiratory tract.

Ottoman steam bath

The ideal place to lose oneself in dreams. All senses are highly inspired at a temperature of 45 °C, wrapped in fragrant steam. The selected aroma, no matter if herbal or flower essences, increases physical and mental well-being. Water from the hose provides prickly vitality.

Infrared cabin

Warmth is directly connected to well-being and health.

Nobody likes to shiver when it is cold outside, you automatically look for a heat source. Warmth contributes much to the mental well-being and also makes you feel good.

Warmth can promote good health and relieve various ailments.

A regular use of the infrared cabin:

  • strengthens the immune system
  • increases blood circulation and improves metabolism
  • relieves tensions and back pain
  • has a positive influence on treatments of skin diseases


Are you already looking forward to a sauna after a cold day of skiing? Just reserve your next skiing holiday at the Hotel Alpina!

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